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The shoe industry does not have consistent standards that apply to all shoe stores, brands and shoes. To reduce the risk of our shoes not fitting your child, we recommend you measure your child's feet before ordering, as the size may not correspond directly with your child's typical size.

For actual insole length of each pair of shoes, please refer to the specific shoe size charts located in each individual listing.


How to measure your child's feet:

1. Stand your child barefoot on a piece of paper.

2. Draw a line at the top of the child's longest toe and at the heel of the foot. Repeat for the other foot. Measure both feet for accuracy, if one foot is larger, choose the larger foot.

3. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the two lines. This is the measured foot length. The shoe inner length should be between 5mm to 10mm longer to account for growth and wiggle room (slightly more if socks are worn).