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CLEARANCE Leather Sandals - Thong Style - Pink

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Unfortunately the rubber sole of the sandal is defective. 

After the first few wears, on some of these shoes the thin rubber outsole may start to come away from the cork sole. After many wears, the outsole may come away further, as shown in the photo. Fortunately, this defect can be simply and permanently fixed by applying shoe glue or superglue.

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* 100% Genuine Nu-buck Leather Upper and 100% Genuine Leather Lining.
* Easy wearing on and off buckle - designed specifically for 3 - 7 year old children.
* Thong style with side strap - thongs that actually stay on your child's feet!
* Cork sole, providing a perfect mould for your child's specific foot shape.
* Luxurious genuine leather insole, provides very soft surface for your child's soles.
* Flexible TPR rubber sole bottom, provides non-slip finish.
* Available in Pink, Navy Blue and Red.
* Branded versions of the equivalent full leather kids' cork sandals retail at 119.95.
* Depending on your location, shoes may be posted without a box.

* Please note our Classic Double Buckle style provides the greatest sizing flexibility and adaptability of all sandals designs. The two leather straps can be fully adjusted, to tighten across both the foot and ankle. We recommend the classic double buckle style, over our other cork sandals, as they provide the most secure fit. They also provide greater longevity, as your child's foot grows this summer.


 Size (EU)
  Insole Length (mm)


* We recommend measuring your child's feet prior to ordering to ensure correct sizing. Most shoes have an insole length 5mm to 10mm longer than the measured foot length. Cork sandals have a moulded insole fit, that curves up around the base of the foot and toes. This requires an additional 5mm (i.e. 10mm to 15mm greater than foot length). Please consider increasing one size higher than your child's normal size, to allow for this extra 5mm.