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Leather is Better

Leather provides the ultimate characteristics for children's footwear. The table below summarises why smart Australians buy leather for their kids:

Adjustable & Flexible
Leather continuously adjusts to the individual shape of your child's constantly changing foot size. Each foot and shoe combination grows together, perfectly catering for growth. This prevents any pressure points and blisters.

Synthetic (plastic) is not flexible, so your child's feet will push against the inner until it disintegrates.
Selecting leather upper and leather lining for your child's shoes maximises breathability. Synthetic shoes will leave your child's feet bathed in their own sweat, while our leather shoes wick away perspiration by allowing air to flow freely. Leather shoes prevent feet from swelling, feet odour, and long term shoe odour.

Unlike our competitors, all All KidsLeatherShoes.com footwear is made with leather upper and most have leather lining. Before you buy from any shop, be sure to ask Is the lining leather??
Soft & Comfortable
Leather provides great comfort for your child's feet. Leather has good cushioning properties. Leather's flexibility also creates optimal comfort.
Leather provides important support for the foot heel and arch.
Leather provides excellent durability characteristics.
Luxurious finish
Unlike our competitors, all KidsLeatherShoes.com footwear is made with quality leather providing a luxurious soft finish, for great natural appearance.
Natural Material
Genuine leather is a 100% natural product. In contrast, synthetics and other plastic materials are produced from petroleum non-renewable sources.


The one and only disadvantage of leather is the very high cost of raw materials. At KidsLeatherShoes.com we purchase directly from the manufacturer, so we can offer high-end quality leather shoes at prices almost always lower than our competitors who sell synthetic.

Rubber Sole

At KidLeatherShoes.com we do not stock leather sole shoes due to the very slippery finish. Instead, we only stock high-end quality TPR rubber sole shoes, which provide the following advantages:

Rubber soles have the greatest resistance to wear, providing maximum life duration.
Rubber soles have the greatest anti-slip characteristics, perfect for active kids.
Water Proof
Suitable for muddy and wet conditions kids find.
Our TPR rubber soles have the flexibility in the forefoot area, allowing elevation at the front and back to optimise your child's motion.
Great shock absorption, providing maximum comfort and protection of feet and ankles.